Bring Your Kids Somewhere Fun

Bring Your Kids Somewhere Fun

You’ll appreciate our day care services in Bossier City, LA

Plume Academy provides day care services you can count on. We’ll supervise your children as they bond, play and learn together. Your children’s wellbeing is our number one priority, with their happiness coming in a close second.

Kids get 50 minutes of playground activity each day. Playing isn’t just a way for children to wear themselves out and get them ready for naptime. It builds social skills and helps them grow, physically and emotionally.

Studies have shown that regular playtime helps children:

  • Build self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Understand and cope with their feelings
  • Form social bonds and networks
  • Learn values like inclusivity and cooperation
  • Develop their reasoning skills

Your kids will love making new friends when you sign them up for day care services in Bossier City, LA. Call us now to get started.

Our newborn day care keeps infants comfortable and safe

It’s nerve-wracking leaving your infant child with someone else. We do everything possible to put you and your baby at ease. Parents need a break sometimes. Take advantage of our newborn day care when you need to have some adult time, whether that involves work, errands or leisure.

Know that your baby is safe and well taken care of. Bring them to Plume Academy so you don’t have to worry.

Make use of our newborn day care in Bossier City, AL the next time you have plans.

Kids have safe, clean fun on our hypoallergenic indoor playground

Plume Academy features Louisiana’s first hypoallergenic indoor playground. Kids can jump and run around to their hearts content without worrying about bugs, plants or pollen. And there’s no risk of sunburn like there would be outside.

Our playground has three different playsets and the floor is interactive. Your kids will adore it.

Come check out our hypoallergenic indoor playground in Bossier City, AL today.