All About  Plume Academy

All About Plume Academy

Not all child care centers are created equal.

The owner Jennifer LeVasseur, a wife and mother of six found herself looking around at the options in our area trying to find a learning center that would challenge, educate, and cater to her youngest child "Milleigh". Though there were many centers that provided one aspect of what she was looking for she never found a center that provided EVERYTHING. She desired a place that was just like the peacock is geared for a diversified, colorful environment, thus the birth of Plume Academy a center that will not only nurture your child but prepare them for their upcoming colorful and diverse educational journey.

Plume Academy was created to provide the greater Bossier area with an alternative to basic daycare services. We at Plume Academy want to prepare our children through all-inclusive preschool education curriculum. We use the Mother Goose Time educational curriculum for the children enrolled because it teaches to the "whole child".

Please take a moment to explore our website and then contact us to schedule your personalized tour today!

We are excited that you have chosen to enroll your child in our program! Our commitment is to provide a safe, loving, Christian environment and a quality program for you and your child.

Plume Academy is licensed by the state of Louisiana and abides by the division of Child Development, rules and regulations, in addition to our own policies and procedures. Involving families in our program is a top priority. This helps build a partnership and help children make the connection between home and the center. Plume Academy serves as an extension of your family and sharing your ideas and genuine love for children is of the utmost importance.

Please know we have an open-door policy. We are ALWAYS available to you.

At Plume Academy we strive to meet you and your children's needs.


Logan White

Logan White

3 year old teacher

Chloe Thompson

Chloe Thompson

4 year old teacher

Abby Osbon

Abby Osbon

2 year old teacher

Standard Overview

Social Emotional

1 Self concept
2 Self direction
3 Social relationships

Physical Development

4 Gross Motor
5 Fine Motor
6 Health and safety

Language & Literacy

7 Listening comprehension
8 Communication
9 Vocabulary
10 Phonological awareness
11 Concepts of print
12 Letter recognition
13 Reading comprehension
14 Emergent writing

Mathmatics & Reasoning

15 Number concepts
16 Shapes
17 Spatial awareness
18 Patterns and sorting
19 Measurement
20 Logic

Social Studies

21 Families and communities
22 Civics and economics
23 Geography
24 History


24 Scientific reasoning
26 Life science
27 Physical Science
28 Earth Science
29 Technology

Creative Development

30 Music
31 Dance and movement
32 Visual arts
33 Drama